Club rides are for members to ride in a group and for several reasons; social, safety, sporting, fitness and of course if new to the area you won’t get lost. By riding in a group you learn road skills and are able to chat to more experienced riders. Generally speaking it is the best place to learn about cycling.

Be Prepared Wear plenty of warm clothes; you can always take layers off if too warm. Carry the following with you: – • A rain jacket • A pump • Essential tools • Spare tubes • Food • Plenty of drink Also carry a mobile phone and worth having a little money for a tea stop or emergency supplies.

Keep your bike in good condition and replace any worn out parts. The group will help if something goes wrong but will not be best pleased if the problem was caused by poor maintenance. Mudguards (winter riding) are preferable; they prevent you getting wet and dirty and also reduce the amount that you deposit on the rider behind. Cycling helmets must be worn on Hornet rides – they provide additional protection against head injuries.

For a Guide to group riding visit here to learn hand signals etc.